Your place or mine?

A relationship can raise difficult issues. We can help you with the legal side of things.

Ever-lasting love?

Life is not always as perfect as it is in musicals.
We are here when harmony turns to discord.

Meilen vs. Milan?

Different countries, different customs, different laws.
Our expertise extends far beyond Zurich and Zug.

A dispute about your home?

Suddenly your home becomes a matter of dispute.
What you need then is a reliable law firm.

Noah or Lucas?

Names are not the only cause of conflict.
This makes good legal advice all the more important.

Come what may?

Make provision now for the future.
Before you lose your capacity to make decisions through illness or an accident.

Second-last will?

The last decisions are often the most difficult ones.
You can count on expert knowledge combined with sensitivity.

Fst Trck?

Long and expensive procedures are often avoidable.
Out-of-court channels save time, money and trouble.