Our areas of law

We have the expertise to give you competent advice in all areas of law.

Separation and divorce

To end the relationship peacefully: we help you to clarify and settle all matters involving children’s rights, financial and all other consequences and ensure viable solutions together with you.

Marriage and partnerships

Different forms, different consequences: whether you are intending to get married, whether you live in a non-matrimonial partnership or registered partnership with children of your own or those of your partner, we can advise on all matters involving relationships.

Real property and wealth

When purchasing real property, forming a company or managing wealth: a careful clarification makes sense from the outset to avoid future disputes. We can advise you of the risks and advantages.

Children and parenthood

Marital children, extra-marital children, children of divorced parents, children in same-sex partnerships, artificial insemination, and adoption: family lifestyles are changing. For this reason, the legislature is currently revising the rules of family law..

International aspects

One world, many legal systems: society’s ever increasing mobility gives rise to even more international ties. We go beyond borders for you.

Provision and dispositions

Before it’s too late: We can advise you on making an advance care directive and a patient decree.

Wills and legacies

So that your ‘will be done’: we draw up a precise inventory together with you, clarify and implement your aims using suitable means.