Breakout Days

Break out to achieve the breakthrough. In this way, we lead conflict parties to a solution faster and sustainably.

Whether mediation, agreement or process: The clarification of a legal conflict often extends over many stages. This takes time and energy – and it often leads to high costs in the event of a lawsuit and a result that does not satisfy any of the parties. With the Breakout Days, we have created a dialogue method to find a clear and balanced solution in just a few steps.

Our approach

The more complex and emotional the conflict, the more it takes the willingness of all parties involved to break out of the deadlock. We deliberately bring about this moment by retreating with both sides to a neutral place far away from everyday life, for example to a hotel in the mountains or a house in the countryside. Through a clearly structured dialogue, we pursue the goal of resolving the dispute within a few days instead of after many months and intermediate steps. To achieve this goal, the lawyers of both sides can be involved in the Breakout Days.

Your benefits

  • Use know-how: You benefit from legal knowledge, but also from our many years of experience as a conflict solver, both in the role of lawyer and judge.
  • Gain time: The intensive and immediate dialogue prevents an annoying correspondence ping-pong and accelerates the path to finding a solution.
  • Save costs: The investment in the Breakout Days is also worthwhile because court proceedings are associated with high financial costs for both parties, which can be avoided by a joint solution.
  • Promote respect: A balanced, cooperatively developed solution enjoys a higher acceptance of the participants and allows them to continue to treat each other respectfully and impartially in the future.

In which conflict could our Breakout Days be the right solution? Contact us to clarify goals and opportunities.

"The where is just as important as the who, how and what. By taking enough time for real dialogue far away from everyday life, we pave the way for sustainable solutions."

Christine Arndt