International aspects

One world, many legal systems: we go beyond borders in your interest.

The increasing mobility of our society leads to even more couples from different legal systems setting up a family. With our many years of experience, we can advise, assist and represent you in matters involving international aspects of law.

Marriage and partnerships

Foreign nationality, places of residence in different countries or contracts concluded in a foreign country: we can advise you on marriages and partnerships involving international considerations.

Separation and divorce

Relationships between persons of different nationalities can prove to be surprisingly complex in the event of separation or divorce. For example, the country in which first application to a court was made and the national law applied may be of crucial importance. There are frequently problems in enforcing judgments or claims. Questions about short- and long-term residence may also be affected.

Wills and legacies

To guarantee the successful implementation of estate planning in Switzerland or in another country, all matters of a cross-border nature must be carefully clarified in advance. Such matters are involved if the testator or heirs have (or will have) a place of residence in a different country or if real property or other assets are located in a different country and, for this reason, a foreign law system applies. In the event of complex situations, it is also absolutely necessary to clarify the inheritance and tax position in the countries involved.

Direct paths instead of long processes

We are happy to advise and accompany you – with special experience and innovative methods in out-of-court conflict resolution.