Provision and dispositions

Better be safe: we can help you to prepare well ahead for the worst scenario.

Dispositions during your lifetime and for your last will should be settled not only with a view to your death, but also in the event that you are no longer able or no longer sufficiently able to look after your own affairs on health grounds. We can help you to make appropriate arrangements and ensure that these are implemented.

Living will

With a written living will, you choose a person whom you trust who, in the event that illness or an accident deprives you of your capacity to act or make decisions, can discuss medical treatment with your doctors and decide on your behalf what treatment will be given.

Advance Care Directive

You can use an advance care directive that is handwritten or authenticated by a notary to appoint a natural or legal person to represent your interests in the event of a loss of mental capacity. You can choose the areas covered by the advance care directive (care of your person, care of your property and financial affairs and legal representation to suit your own specific requirements).

Direct paths instead of long processes

We are happy to advise and accompany you – with special experience and innovative methods in out-of-court conflict resolution.