Real property and wealth

The best protection against future disputes is to settle arrangements right from the start.

It is nice to invest in the future together. But who owns what? Who is liable for debts in the event of dispute? And how are combined finances affected by divorce or death? To avoid future financial conflicts, it makes sense to settle matters carefully right from the start. We can advise you on the risks and advantages of different solutions.

Purchase of real estate

We can advise you not only of the possibilities and advantages, but also of the risks with regard to the various types of ownership and their financing.

Administration of wealth

If financial assets are already available, it makes sense to agree contractually on ownership before getting married or establishing a partnership.

Setting up a business

We can explain how you can protect yourself against the risks and we help you to manage the consequences of the business gaining or losing value.

Direct paths instead of long processes

We are happy to advise and accompany you – with special experience and innovative methods in out-of-court conflict resolution.