Wills and legacies

Giving or receiving an inheritance: we can advise you on how to achieve a solution without dispute.

So that your ‘will be done’: optimal planning of the estate – especially with complex family or financial relationships – calls for careful and precise analysis of all factors. With your assistance, we can draw up a precise inventory, clarify and implement your aims using suitable measures.

Giving an inheritance

We can design different solutions to suit different situations (prior death of a partner/spouse or descendants) and also make provision for the risk of premature break-up of the partnership or marriage by separation or divorce. We can check with you at regular intervals whether the arrangements to settle your estate are still appropriate.

Executing the will

If there are complex relationships, under-age children or heirs who are possibly unable to cope with the financial matters, or if there are problems between the heirs, it is better for the testator to appoint an executor. On the testator’s death we, in our capacity as executors, ensure – as far as possible – a consensual division of the estate that corresponds to his or her wishes.


If you are an heir, we can guide you through the whole process: starting with the measures immediately necessary on the death of the testator (such as preservation of the estate) as far as the implementation of dispositions under the last will. We can also assist you, as heir or community of heirs, in dividing up the inheritance and represent your rights in court proceedings, if the need arises.

Direct paths instead of long processes

We are happy to advise and accompany you – with special experience and innovative methods in out-of-court conflict resolution.