Children and parenthood

New rights, new duties: social change also influences the legal relationship between parent and child.

Marital children, extra-marital children, children of divorced parents, children in same-sex partnerships, artificial insemination, and adoption: family lifestyles are changing. For this reason, the legislature is currently revising the rules of family law. We help you to make arrangements in the best interests of your children and represent your interests and those of the child when dealing with public authorities or in court proceedings.


Whereas the relationship between mother and child arises from birth, the relationship between father and child is established either by marriage to the mother, by recognition or by court declaration of paternity. The relationship with the child may also be established by adoption. This requires very careful consideration as well.

We can help you – for example – to challenge or to get the recognition of paternity.

Parental care

Parental care is the legal basis for raising and representing the child and for administering the assets of an under-age child and is the right of both parents under the changed law.

We advise you in all matters and problems of parental care.


Parents must maintain their children until they reach full age and often for a long time afterwards (until children complete a suitable education within the customary time scale). This duty is a consequence of the relationship to the child and is independent of parental care, custody, personal contact and (while the child is under-age) the personal relationship.

We can assist you in all matters involving child maintenance.

Direct paths instead of long processes

We are happy to advise and accompany you – with special experience and innovative methods in out-of-court conflict resolution.