Other legal matters

Other matters on which we can give you advice and assist and represent you.

We focus primarily on family law and probate law. However, we also have expertise in other areas. We can assist our clients with other legal matters – and in particular the following:

Movable and immovable property law

We can advise and represent you in matters or problems involving property rights. These include the purchase and sale of real estate and drafting of special contracts relating to real estate.

Company law, law of foundations and associations

We can advise and assist you in matters involving the formation of companies, foundations and associations and represent you in disputes.

Contract law

We can offer advice, mediation and representation in proceedings involving disputes about accounts receivable, landlord and tenant cases, purchase, orders and contracts for work and services, leasing, etc.

Enforcement law

If you have claims to cash or security payments, we can assist you in enforcing the same under debt-collection law or insolvency law.